Looking for some exciting slot game to win some extra money? Try 918 Kiss's Belangkai. Watch the dealer draw out your winning symbol and win big with Belangkai from 918 Kiss. 


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Dragon Tiger is the easiest card game in 918 Kiss. The dealer drawn two cards each game, one is Dragon and another one is Tiger. Simply makes a bet to Dragon or Tiger which could draw the highest card.


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One of most easiest games in 918 Kiss. The rules is extremly simple. Place your bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger, waits for the dealer to place the cards on the table. The highest card wins.


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Dragon Tiger is a classic asian casino game. Dragon Tiger can be played in 918 Kiss and players love this game because of the speed and simplicity of the game. Try out now.


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Similar with Roulette 12 and Roulette 23, but this version offer more pockets to the players. You can decide how much you want to bet and place your chips on the table. Good luck!


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