Raise the mainsail and scrape the boom (no matter what that means) and be ready to spin some bright and colorful pirate themes. The name of Treasure Island is taken from R. L. Stevenson’s classic adventure novel, a story of “pirate and embedding gold” in the illegal seas of the Caribbean. In essence, this book shapes our modern view of what pirates are. Therefore, this slot machine tries to show all the classic pirate stereotypes on the reels, including the crossed swords, parrots, treasure chests, cannons and a big beard. Pirate character with Jolly Rodger decorated triangle hat and habitual eye mask.





The first of these side games is the "treasure box bonus", as you might guess, as long as three or more treasure chest symbols appear anywhere on the reels, it will start. This game is a simple selective bonus round where the bettor must choose one of three treasure chests to display the multiplier reward associated with the total bet in the qualifying spin. The total bet multiplier offered in the bonus game ranges from 12x to 400x. If the rotator finds three scattered cannon symbols on the reel, they will start "Cannon Bonus". This will allow the player to enter a special treasure map game screen, they must press the "Start" button to determine how many steps are taken along the trajectory of the growing total bet multiplier. Players can continue to move up until they stumble upon the skull and cross bone symbols, or they reach the 500x total bet multiplier. Last but not least, it is the "Pioneer Pirate Treasure Award" round. This bonus feature occurs on frequencies that are more rare than other features because it requires activation of 5 scattered pirate icons. However, if the spinners are lucky enough to play this bonus game, they will have the opportunity to bring home the growing jackpot treasure!