Navigate west to 5 reels and 25 paylines to find all the wealth of the Spice Islands. Here you can find free spins, enjoy dangerous storms in the Gamble feature, or win up to $17,000! Just press the "Rotate" button to complete all ages and start your own gambling adventure. Join the brave captain and use the compass and other symbols of the game to reach the goal, create winning combinations and master more coins.





If you are eager to find the biggest bonus as the highest prize of $17,000, then you will take risks. Just place a maximum bet of $250 per game and try to collect 5 symbols of Indian girls on the active line to win the final prize. The last word is yours, because you are the captain of this ship. In any case, play all 25 paylines to increase your chances of winning the grand prize here! In addition, you can go back to ancient Japan and find good cash to win the Silent Samurai slot. Choose a route that fits your taste, making your bank balance bigger and taking risks online. If you dream of discovering an unknown world and enriching yourself at the same time, then you should look for more than 3 captains on the reel to convert the ship from her route to 10 free games, all your bonuses are 3 times multiplier! This is your lucky chance to get a reel for free and get a big bonus. In addition, the bonus journey can last almost forever. Yes. Just capture 3 or more scatters in Free Spins to re-trigger this feature! Free The Discovery Free Spin Prize Like to be excited? Then itching your nerves with adventurous gambling features. Here, you can not only get a surge of adrenaline, but also get any bonuses. Simply collect any winning combination to activate the feature and try your luck. Your goal is to find a card that is larger than the dealer's card. Rely on your instincts and set a choice. If you are a lucky demon, the 2x multiplier is yours, otherwise you will lose everything. Play smart to win more and reduce losses.