The game has enough paylines to provide five reels, ensuring that players have a fair and reasonable chance to win at any time. The game also displays each payline number on either side of the reel, saving the player time to return and forward between info windows. This is a very useful inclusion for the game, just a small example of what Playtech tried and offered to the customer. There is no doubt that Sun Wukong will impress his slot machine with his honor.





In any of the 15 paylines, players only need 2 to 5 icons to win the grand prize, so they don't need to win for themselves at any one time. In the order of increasing value, the icons in the odds table are: nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace, horse, peach, a bearded soldier, a pig man (no, really, there is a pig here) The game - we are not joking), an emperor and the all-powerful Sun Wukong himself - it doubles as a symbol of the wild. This is a selection of items for exciting games, and most importantly, they are displayed in a professional and stylish way to ensure the taste of the player. Playtech has done a great job designing this game. The total bet ranges from £0.15 to £1,250 – so it provides a huge spectrum for a wide variety of casino players. Whether it's those who want to enjoy a little spin or those who want to attract people through a lot of collections, Playtech ensures that everyone in the game has incredible gaming features. Another thing worth mentioning is the information page that can be opened by clicking the icon in the lower left corner. Players will find rules, payline and payment table details in this section and the role of each wild symbol in the game. This ensures that everyone knows what happens when the reel starts to rotate.