Slot machines allow players to escape to anywhere. The slotted theme will take you to the Far East, the bottom of the sea, and even the farthest part of the universe. Now you can escape to the cold, hard, cruel world of the Stone Age! Ok, so it may not be the most exotic or exciting historical period, but this slot machine presents prehistoric times with fascinating details. The reels are reasonably designed and are made from basic materials such as wood, leather and twine. While this does make the overall look of the game a bit monotonous, it does help to bring the rotator back to a completely different world.





The symbol itself is also presented in a visually interesting way to showcase the trademark stone of the era. There are daggers made of ochre, bows, arrows and axes, and necklaces made of teeth from some fierce prehistoric beasts. You'll also find some of the earliest examples of human art and culture, including some cave paintings - one to show hunters and the other to show a running horse. The payment schedule for this Stone Age slot machine is actually quite generous, giving players a chance to win a huge jackpot that will multiply the value of the line bet by 5,000 times. When five furry elephants match on the active payline and the next most valuable line bet multiple is 2,000x and is provided by five male hunter-gatherer symbols, followed by female hunter-gatherers, who pay This is a reward up to 750x. The five stone axes are also valued at 750x lines, while the meteorite daggers and arrows are 150x. Finally, the least profitable images are cave murals and necklaces, all three of which will not exceed 100 times. Players can make a wide range of bets, starting with 1 point and increasing each line to 100 points. You can also switch the number of active paylines by clicking the number on either side of the reel. So, if you want to play all 20 paylines and a 100 bet, then you will play the maximum bet of 2,000 game points.