In the Taoist tradition, four symbols are said to represent the four seasons and four points on the compass, which are known in Chinese as the township. First of all, there is Zhang Meng, a dragon that represents the spring and the blue waters of eastern China. There is also Lingguang, a bird that symbolizes the warmth of summer and the red clay of southern China. The third is to build soldiers, one representing the autumn tiger and the white sand of the western desert. Finally, there is a turtle, Zhiming, which matches the black soil of the north and the winter. All in all, the beasts of these four myths are at the heart of the ancient Chinese religion, and they are also an important part of the powerful beauty of Playtech's slot machine.





Si Xiang's focus is on the power and mystery of the four central animal symbols of the slot machine, which is why there are no particularly interesting reward features to mention. This means there is no free spin, no special side games, and certainly no overly complicated gameplay. Instead, the slot machine's bonus balance is powered by a simple yin-yang icon that appears on the second, third, and fourth reels and replaces all icons to complete the line win. It sounds simple, that's it. However, this symbol has the ability to increase the victory by double the payment in the winning order. The slot machine also has a scatter icon - depicted by the Si Xiang logo - when it appears on a continuous turntable from left to right, whether or not they are aligned on the payline, they will win. The two spreads provide 1x the total bet multiplier, three will reward 5 times, four will give 10 times, and five will receive a beautiful 100 times total bet multiplier reward.