Slot machines allow players to escape to anywhere. The slotted theme will take you to the Far East, the bottom of the sea, and even the farthest part of the universe. Now you can escape to the cold, hard, cruel world of the Stone Age! Ok, so it may not be the most exotic or exciting historical period, but this slot machine presents prehistoric times with fascinating details. The reels are reasonably designed and are made from basic materials such as wood, leather and twine. While this does make the overall look of the game a bit monotonous, it does help to bring the rotator back to a completely different world.


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The game has enough paylines to provide five reels, ensuring that players have a fair and reasonable chance to win at any time. The game also displays each payline number on either side of the reel, saving the player time to return and forward between info windows. This is a very useful inclusion for the game, just a small example of what Playtech tried and offered to the customer. There is no doubt that Sun Wukong will impress his slot machine with his honor.


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Navigate west to 5 reels and 25 paylines to find all the wealth of the Spice Islands. Here you can find free spins, enjoy dangerous storms in the Gamble feature, or win up to $17,000! Just press the "Rotate" button to complete all ages and start your own gambling adventure. Join the brave captain and use the compass and other symbols of the game to reach the goal, create winning combinations and master more coins.


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Imagine going back to the past and returning to prehistoric times when huge, often dangerous creatures ruled the land. RTG awakens these huge lives in the T-Rex slot machine game, named after Tyrannosaurus Rex, the biggest and most terrifying of all the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. Along with a lot of real sounds, images and graphics, you'll encounter dinosaur eggs, volcanoes, and various prehistoric plant and dinosaur species from stegosaurus to dangerous Tyrannosaurus rex on the reel. Playing cards have also been carefully designed to suit prehistoric themes (although we hope that slot machine manufacturers will limit these symbols to video poker games rather than slot machines).


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These games are ideal for low signal processing on mobile devices. The game ensures that there is no cash loss due to accidental disconnection. The live game is great, and it also ensures that you won't be in a mess when you bet.

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