The scroll graphic includes classic images of Roman civilization. Chariots, grapes, chalices, scrolls and stadiums create a game atmosphere. While Playtech game designers accurately portray the Roman theme, the overall graphics quality is not comparable to some of the better slots.


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In the Taoist tradition, four symbols are said to represent the four seasons and four points on the compass, which are known in Chinese as the township. First of all, there is Zhang Meng, a dragon that represents the spring and the blue waters of eastern China. There is also Lingguang, a bird that symbolizes the warmth of summer and the red clay of southern China. The third is to build soldiers, one representing the autumn tiger and the white sand of the western desert. Finally, there is a turtle, Zhiming, which matches the black soil of the north and the winter. All in all, the beasts of these four myths are at the heart of the ancient Chinese religion, and they are also an important part of the powerful beauty of Playtech's slot machine.


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Yun Cong Long is very loosely translated as "Cloud Dragon", which is a clue to Playtech's five-axis 40-line slot style. The golden dragon is entwined on a red reel, in stark contrast to the simple and attractive charcoal paintings of mountains and clouds.


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This free background is the Spartan slot machine game which is a battle scene with a scroll on it. We can see the slot reel on the wood. We like the green background of the scroll. We really appreciate the green background because it gives the game a very natural look, especially on wood. Golden symbol placed on a green background. These golden symbols give the image of wealth. We really want our soldiers to be fully prepared for the battle, only the best armor.


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Raise the mainsail and scrape the boom (no matter what that means) and be ready to spin some bright and colorful pirate themes. The name of Treasure Island is taken from R. L. Stevenson’s classic adventure novel, a story of “pirate and embedding gold” in the illegal seas of the Caribbean. In essence, this book shapes our modern view of what pirates are. Therefore, this slot machine tries to show all the classic pirate stereotypes on the reels, including the crossed swords, parrots, treasure chests, cannons and a big beard. Pirate character with Jolly Rodger decorated triangle hat and habitual eye mask.


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